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Sunday, March 15, 2009

warm bath with manatee

Florida. America always feels like a warm bath upon arriving, and Florida has the temperature to match. To write, America is ideal. Loads of material about culture, Universities abound and everybody seems interested in culture and writings about it. While waiting for feedback from my publisher we went swimming with Manatees, or zeekoeien (sea cows), as we call them in Dutch. This was a lifelong wish of José and Thea, old friends that also were in Florida this week. Manatees are the least aggressive animals on the planet, though big (up to 6 meters), and we saw a few. Now back to the book, starting on the chapter about our current timeframe, a winter culture, and the last chapter, about the future. The text has to be finished by June, so lots of work to be done still.. Well, have a few weeks to go, here, will stay until April 4. I am not complaining, the life of a writer suits me well!