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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hillary's warming up to Barack's 'Springtime'

Every now and then I get an email from someone stating he still doesn't understand my theory of the seasonality of cultural timeframes at all. That's good. I mean, if it could be explained in a few blog entries, why write a book at all? You should buy the book when it comes out. Then it'll be clear as can be. But there is a nice example of how timeframes change. We're in a winter timeframe right now, as I've mentioned often (reflection, values and national identity discussions, need for togetherness and a search for the largest common denominator). But look at the presidential elections in America! Someone asked me a few months ago whether I thought Hillary would stand a chance. I said 'if there will be a touch of spring in the air she might win', meaning that the winter timeframe will change into a spring timeframe, helping change and giving 'new' ideas like a female president a chance. What did I know of Barack Obama? Not much at that point. But listen to his one key-word in his campaign: CHANGE. What's needed for a 'seasonal' change in the spirit of the times is a latent need for change and a few convincing icons promoting it. So America is warming to change. Mark my words. Spring will be in the air soon enough. And it might turn out to be a spring that warms to more than a female president. If it really catches on, we might as well prepare for a black president. Either way, a big improvement.

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