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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

American life..

Ten days in New York, full of inspiration and fun, walking around, enjoying the skyscrapers and the museums. And the shops. Then Marcel flew home and I took the bus to Philadelphia. Just unpacked in my exchange apartment, which suits me fine. A whole month, dedicated to writing; really looking forward to starting tomorrow. A flash of happiness again today, walking the streets of Philadelphia. Spending a month in one place gives me a perfect sense of freedom. There is no hurry, no holiday stress ('what's next..??!'), only the feeling of quiet expectation, a detached and relaxed view on the world that really gets my inspiration flowing. No worries at all, so all thoughts can go into thinking about culture, and the changes over the years. We'll see how the inspiration translates into text, but I'm confident. After a few months of working hard on paid projects, now is the time to focus on my private project, my book.
These may be turbulent times for America, but they're reflective times for me. American life suits me, now. See you later, calvinistic Holland.

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