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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy days and religulous statements

Some days are just happy days. Today was a very good one. How it happens, I don’t know, but on the happy days I just open my computer in the morning, start typing and good sentences just flow out. And I know even when writing them. The day flew by writing about the revolutionary cultural spring period between 1988 and 1994, but inbetween I enjoyed lunch at a table in the sun, just to congratulate myself. Hey, I’m a Leo, they are supposed to be good at self-congratulation. After the afternoon work went just as well, I decided to buy tickets to a theatre show this Friday (Rock and Roll by Tom Stoppard) and take a movie. Religulous, a mockumentary about all the craziness of religion. Don’t know if it will show in Holland, but there were a lot of Dutch muslims and politicians in there (the boring old Wilders for instance). I guess Maher and Larry Charles (the man who made Borat-the movie) wanted to travel to Amsterdam when given the choice. And the fact that we understand English very well, so he can ask anything, but need a little extra time to phrase a response so he can throw about jokes and new questions helps too, to get a few laughs. Making jokes about the wildest stories in the Bible, Mormon books or Koran is always fun, but the concept of mockumentary is getting a bit boring in itself too. A few quotes, a lot of travel, quirky montage, but in the end Bill Maher proves he’s got the same one track mindedness as his interviewees. Had some fun laughing at American christian extremities though, and at least one point came across clearly: at least three different religions have the same storyline as the Bible on the birth and life of Jesus, only hundreds of years before and under different names. But no fanatical christian will be converted to a milder view. So no disruption here, just preaching for the already converted, so to speak.

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anke said...

wens je vandaag ook weer zo'n topdag toe!!