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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Babbling art

Done a lot. Seen Rock and Roll, the play by Tom Stoppard, about the way music plays it's part in history between 1968 en 1989. After the break it got really interesting, when three generations come together. I have already been thinking of a second book, about how each cultural season in my theory delivers another generation, who's formative years are heavily influenced by the spirit of the times. But let's finish this one first. Done a reading on modern art which was nice but a bit boring. Most modern art critics can't choose between being overly conceptual and use totally un-understandable language ("we can see the painter's concept of beauty forming by postmodern feminism being drawn into it's own language, eternally reverbating bla bla bla") or just showing tons of pictures without any story at all. Hope my book will do better. One interesting artist group reinvented graffiti and hacked computer games to spray their message upon walls in the game itself. Great idea. For the rest: writing, reading, buying music, seeing movies..
And flying back to Holland, tomorrow.

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