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Thursday, May 8, 2008


Het is altijd weer genieten, zo'n stad als San Francisco. Gewoon rondslenteren, huizen bekijken, cd's en boeken kopen, koffiedrinken, gezicht in de zon. I could learn to live like this. Even small setbacks do not matter to me, when I am feeling at ease; it could well be that my exchange with Berkeley is off, since my exchanger has severe back problems at the moment. Better keep an eye out for another appartment in SF or Berkeley, starting June. Even more content after visiting the SFMOMA, the museum of modern art here. Very impressed by the work of photographer Friendlander, of whom the museum had almost 400 astounding symmetrical and humoristic photographs combined into neat sections. Even an old lady couldn't help herself and starting shouting 'but these are SO GOOD!' I couldn't agree more. Even saw two Mondriaan's, for years my favorite painter. And a few works that figure in my book, yes, art has cycles too. One could wonder whether there are lines between Mondriaan in the twenties and for instance the works of Donald Judd in the seventies. The heavy conceptualization both artists use is in total contrast with other movements, like Pop Art of the sixties. We'll see whether I can get to the bottom of that. I already noticed that writing about art is very, very tricky. It seems you can only make a point if you write in words and sentences that match the most abstract of works. Otherwise you're dismissed as superficial. Not my style, arty talk.
Saturated with images and thoughts back to the wonderful apartment. Until now, everthing works out perfectly. Life is good.

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