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Monday, May 19, 2008

I Lost my man to Barack Obama

Went to the Obama-rally, waiting three hours in the sun to hear the man. He was worth it, I must say. In reality I like his words better. When I hear one of his speeches from a distance on the net, I find his voice a little metallic, but it works with a crowd. And there was a crowd: 72000 people. We won't see them coming together in a park in Holland to hear Wouter Bos speak.. Marcel was on a cloud of his own. I already lost him to Obama before we came to America. Every free minute is spent on the internet, looking for more clips and news around the primaries. I have to beg to read my mail and write this blog. Is that why his voice began to irritate me?

Important question: did we hear cultural spring in Obama's words? His claim 'YES WE CAN' is about moving forward, new goals and crossing barriers, but I found a lot of cultural winter in his speech too, talking about principles, honesty, cleaning up Washington, etc. He will still need that when the real elections start. Because it is still cultural winter, and people might still back off from the 'change' he stands for. Check out one of his speeches and decide for yourself. In my theory, spring will really take of in a year or two, but Obama might just be one of the instigators.

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