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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Portland group in waiting

Back in Portland. Sid, a friend of our home-exchangers, picked us up at the airport, took us to diner and has even arranged a pass for his fitness school, so I can swim. Great guy, a retired judge with enough story material, especially since he has diner with Barack Obama tonight.
Have been to the swimming pool only once, mainly because I started shivering two days ago (while it was 32 degrees outside) and the light headache I developed in SF exploded, making me swallow more painkillers in a day then I have done in the last ten years (but then again, I haven't been sick in years..)
Today was the first day I went out again, and we had a few great hours on an art fair in North East Portland. We were very impressed by work of Bouche de St.Rough, a woman with a quite traumatic youth story, a paranoid mother, living on the streets since age 14, living on money hidden in old magazines, sent by her grandmother. Her biography turned more extreme by the page, but her work was matching it. Beautiful. Then the gallery owner told us the artist would be making an appearance in half an hour. We waited and met her, who turned out to be a man, David Strough, who works using different identities and was quite talkative. We discussed the art scene, and similar to some discussions I've had with Dutch artists in Amsterdam, the scene in Portland is 'in waiting'. The Portland Group of artists is searching for new routes, but none has surfaced, everybody is still looking back and at eachother. Again, it's still a cultural winter. People are getting together to discuss new ideas, but only when cultural spring will arrive, will a clear winning route surface. We will wait for that, and to embrace every chance of change, we will join a Obama rally here in Oregon tomorrow. That is, if we can get within hearing range.

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