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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Hare Hare

Life is a circle, just like my theory.. Pack, Unpack, repack, etc. Having emptied a lot of the attic where I stuffed my personal belongings the last few months, today I repacked most of it, since I am exchanging my home for two weeks with Katy from London starting Tuesday. In between I watched the Hare Krishna procession moving through the street. Immediately I started wondering if their movement is growing in this closed timeframe. But I guess the relationship is not very straightforward. In the seventies, Hare Krishna was growing, and that was a very open timeframe ('summer' in my theory). Mostly cults like HK thrive on young people who cannot keep up with the times and need some anchor point, closing them off from liberties around them. But Elsevier this week is writing about young people raised catholic or calvinistic, and now converting into Islam to find new peace with themselves and the world. So I guess cults and religion has roots in any timeframe: escape from freedom in summer, or the feeling of belonging in winter. Or would it be cults in summer (escape in a small group closing themselves from society) and broad religion in winter (join a large 'family' while still participating in society)?
Questions, questions. Who knows, I might find an answer in London, meditating on the tube.

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