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Saturday, August 11, 2007

(No more) heroes 1977/2007

Sometimes you have a good day and things just fit. Discussing 'winter' timeframes for instance and how there seems to be a need for one dimensional heroes and myths. The Good standing for All that is right. And then, one day later, you are in a tram on your way to the library and you pass Dam square and there it is: a huge sign on the museum in the "Nieuwe Kerk", advertising its exhibition on... HEROES!
As someone from the museum said in the paper: "we've tried to celebrate some Dutch heroes already in 1977, but then there was no interest in Michiel de Ruyter, for instance.. This year, we already got more attention than we could ever suspect!"
Yes, 1977.. The year summer changed to autumn in my theory and people more and more withdrew from the public arena, looking out for themselves and no one else. Heroes in 1977?? Yes, David Bowie sang my favorite song of all times then, with the same title. But that wasn't really about heroes to look up to, but the hero within (we could be heroes, just for one day..). And the song started with the most applicable word for the seventies, twice: 'I, I would be king..'
No, summer is no time for heroes and an exhibition on them. Antiheroes, yes, but summer is much to diffuse and multidimensional to celebrate just one style.

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