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Monday, August 6, 2007

Hold on Sophie, Sophie hold on..

Two interesting interviews that connect to my theory, the last few days. Sophie in ‘t Veld, a Dutch member in the European parliament for the liberal-democrats (D’66) is worried about the global conservative wave she’s observing. ‘These conservative waves are not classical left or right’, she says. ‘In the current climate of fear, people cling to what they’ve got. The call for strong leadership roots in this need, because it defends the status quo. And politicians play up to the fear factor everywhere, I see the arrogance of power growing.’ She's fighting to secure the gay rights, euthanasia and abortion rights that some politicians and especially the Vatican are trying to give a swing back to the past.

Even Balkenende, she mentions, brings us back to the fifties. She’s not really correct there, as my theory predicts (and I’ve written in this log not long ago: the fifties were much more turbulent than they are recalled nowadays). Balkenende can bring us back to the beginning of the sixties, when there was the same time frame as we’re in now: a winter period with lots of people discussing values and morality. And Sophie knows what comes behind the winter. She calls it ‘the new sixties she’s waiting for’. What she means is the second half of that decade, and that’s spring in my book. D’66 is not my party, but I admire her honesty in the interviews I’ve read. Perhaps I should mail her and ease her worries a little. We’re in a winter timeframe for about three years now. Give it another three years and spring will be all around us! Spring is a season that fits D’66 well. So, hold on Sophie.
Tomorrow more about the other article, an interview with Femke Halsema from the Green Party.

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