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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


The last days in London were filled with the Notting Hill Carnival, a lively colorful street parade full of Caribbean music and sound systems, mixing anything from soul to drum and bass into their own festive music. And food everywhere, of course. Half London was on the streets, we felt, it was that busy. But these kind of festivals help integration, I am sure. I would be proud being from Caribbean origins, watching the parade and all the effort groups put into it. And pride, I feel, is one of the positive trade-offs we should let people have during their integration in society. So simple, but we don't seem te be able to give some of it to our own minorities.

Monday night we visited the Old Vic theatre, the one reopened by Kevin Spacey, the actor. ( The fashion these days in London is to make plays on the basis of movies. Strange, it used to be the other way around. Have to think about the implications: nostalgia, of course, but there must be more to it; The Sound of Music, Footloose, Mary Poppins, etc. We went for All About My Mother, an adaptation from the movie by Pedro Almodovar, from 1999. Great play, with among the actors Diana Rigg, whose name most older TV fans will know (she once was Emma Peel in the Avengers!)

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