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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

unsafe surfing and moral majorities

The weekend WAS special. Paris, it turned out to be. We had an apartment in the center of the city, joining two close friends, José and Thea, who surprised me in the Thalyss. Great fun, great food. That's the kind of birthday gift I like. Four days of fun beats any book or CD..
And now it's back to work, at the library all day. I read about revolutionary and funny Kabouters and Provo-movements, in the sixties. And, surprisingly, about a movement I had never heard of before: the Morale Herbewapening (Moral Re-armoury?). They placed large advertisements in Dutch Newspapers in 1962 and 1963, to warn about the decline of morals and values in Dutch society. That's interesting, because it was a 'winter' timeframe in those years, and we're in a winter period again, the last few years. Another parallel between two timeframes: we are discussing morals and values heavily these days, Wouter Bos for instance, leader of the labour party here stressing that his party will move back into moralizing, something they had sworn off ten years ago.

Anke suggested I should start on a newspaper article to comment on things happening in Holland right now. May be I will. But will have to work on explaining my whole theory in ten sentences..
Will quit now, my internet connection is very bad. Since I got home I lost the program connecting my computer with my landline. Don't ask me why and how, no idea. It's just gone, so I have to use an unsafe wireless connection I don't trust and keeps shutting me out every now and then. Problems, problems..

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