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Friday, July 27, 2007

fleeing flying fun?

Not much work today, since I've been visiting the neighbors for coffee and before I knew it was 3 AM and we'd finished lunch too. Wrote a few pages on a positioning project afterwards, the first paid project since returning. One small project must be possible, I thought, to keep my positioning muscles just a little in shape. And who can say no to Sylwia? So no work on the book today.

This weekend will be special, I guess, but I wouldn't know. Don't ask me. Tomorrow is my birthday and it seems you're all not invited, unless it's gonna turn out a surprise party. Marcel just told me to be ready tomorrow morning and that we're 'moving somewhere, southern direction, and we'll be back sometime Tuesday'.
That's not much to go by. But I love surprises for my birthday, so already I'm satisfied, whatever we're going to do. So if there's no message here for a couple of days, I will be enjoying myself in some foreign country.

1 comment:

Aadiahh said...

Hee Tom

nog van harte. Hoe is t met je boek? Heb niet al je entries gelezen dus weet het niet.
Tmijne is bijna af, ben wel geslaagd voor Schrijversvakschool. Ben nu gediplomeerd. Zwem weer fanatiek. Zie ik je nog es?