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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Heat to my musical head

From icebergs to ice water in just a day.. Seattle is suffering from heatwave. Tomorrow 38 degrees expected. Pfff. We're reaching into record territory, the man on the news said. Walked around town a little. Looks good, a lot of those old wooden houses with big porches, and a beautiful, large water front, looking out at mountain range, snowcapped and all. After a few hours walking around town, I escaped into an air conditioned CD shop. Wrong move. I totally lost control of myself and came out with 20 new CDs. Rare remixes from David Bowie, Depeche Mode and Madonna, among others. I keep thanking the Americans for their willingness to put up to 10 different mixes on one CDsingle. Compare that to the Dutch record companies who think two or three is enough. And the prices are a steal. Will have to give myself a restraining order for the coming days. Tomorrow I will probably try for the hopefully cool air of Rem Koolhaas' Public Library here. And in the afternoon take another dive into the small pool in the back yard of my B&B.

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