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Monday, July 2, 2007

drive out

Woke up startled at 11 in the evening. Thought I had a wine-induced bad dream but it was true: I heard an explosion, followed by a machine gun. And more gun sounds. In Prince Rupert???
Then I remembered: It was Canada day. Fireworks! Missed them, falling asleep on too much wine.

Today I decided to rent a car and drive out to Terrace, two hours from PR. Cd in the player and drive out to the snow capped mountains. Great trip, green/blue fast flowing waters, quiet roads. Leading to Terrace, which reminds one what a shame it is Europeans did not reach this part of the world 500 years earlier, building a castle or an interesting wall or whatever. Or only ten years ago, so the native people would have had the chance of cementing their style. Now it looks like any American city-crap: ugly buildings in ugly streets, in one of the best spots in the world! Luckily today was about the process of getting there, not the destination. So I ate a sandwich and immediately drove on again, back to nature. Nice day between my beloved snow capped mountains, alongside clear water. And a good idea to get away from PR: it rains 220 days a year here and today was no exception, I noticed, driving back. Missed out on a few showers.. Anyway, the town is almost deserted, everyone inside or away, I don't know, but all the good restaurants were closed. My fish plate, fresh Halibut, Salmon, oysters (hmm, already pictured them in their shells, on ice..) turned out to be of the variant 'roll it in flour and fry it'.. Shame about the oysters. But they served it with a big smile and that's worth something too. Tomorrow evening it's boarding time.. On the boat to Juneau, Alaska. Boat. Means no internet.

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