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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Book the country

Not much action on Friday. Felt down and ill. Busy Saturday: a lunch with old friends (one visiting from France for the first time in 5 years), opening of the new Individuals-store on Spui Amsterdam, diner at my place. Subjects talked about:
- being middle aged and liking it
- reflecting on old and searching for new values
- the joy of still finding new dimensions to your own personality
- the strange feeling that the Dutch do either not dare to ask questions about my book or are basically less interested than Canadians or Americans. Especially Americans have loads of questions and immediately think of anecdotes in their own history. Most Dutch I spoke since returning kept their distance, quickly moving on to another subject. Is writing a book a taboo subject here or is it just the content of my book? Wonder..
- the pros and cons of feeling detached from your home and your hometown.

“Well, if you’re not attached to Amsterdam anymore..”, Marcel immediately opened the argument again for buying a house in Eastern Holland. I found myself not flatly refusing the idea anymore. If I can find a nice old monastery or town hall that would be at least twice as big as our two current separate appartments, so it’s able to house both our personalities and particularities, I guess it would be an option..

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