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Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th part one

At Vancouver Airport. Flight from Seattle was short and fast, but in a very strange propeller plane I had not seen before. Made strange noises, but it got me here. Then ran around between international and domestic buildings collecting my bags with such speed that I made a very strange jump, flying through the air and landing on my knee with my cart and bags all over me.. One more stiff knee, but immediately two nice Canadian servicemen who helped me and wanted to take me to a doctor for ice. It wasn't that bad, though. Could still walk. Then had to stand in line for two hours to check in. Last night a plane did not leave, probably because the quality of the plane KLM uses to fly to Vancouver is widely criticized: there are technical problems abundant. Why did I read that? But the lady behind the counter was extremely nice. She had a Russian accent, which always makes me like people. And she promised me she would try and get me a seat with extra leg space, but couldn't promise anything. We'll wait and see. Anyway: after taking out about ten kilos and putting those books into my hand luggage, my bags were exactly below maximum: 300 grams, to be exact.

So this is the last message from Vancouver. Will keep the blog though so long as the book is in the making, so keep up with the latest Tom's Book news here. For now, it's bye-bye Canada and Amsterdam here I come. Wonder how it'll look.

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