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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Local rain

Spent some time in the local museum. Wooden building, nice architecture, good exhibition design, local history, focus on native people history. What I always like is the stress on what I call 'moving history', the way most original cultures keep the past alive by storytelling and carrying symbolic representations of the past with them (cliche example: totem poles). Noticed that in Aboriginal culture and their Dreamtime, where a threethousand years stretch amounts to about the same as a week, somehow, it's not about time, but about being part of time) and again here. Where most Europeans see history as something outside of us, something we can study with the same detachement as we would study foreign cultures, for the native people of Canada it is inside and still part of them. It makes the stories so much more relevant and deep. That's the good part, I find. There is also a less politically correct side to it: most art strikes me as a copy of something I've seen a thousand times before. To put it bluntly: how many symbolic representations of a fish, a bear, a wolf or a whales tale can you see, in wood, silver, gold or stone? It's nice, but -dare I say- boring too..? Outside it was raining, so I took my time. Did not feel like taking a boat trip, because the next few days will be all trip.
A day and a half on the water before reaching Juneau, then a day trip by boat to Tracey Arms and another day boat trip to Glacier Bay. So I decided to keep to land for today and instead went for ginger cake and iced coffee. And now just half an hour to spare before the taxi will bring me to the ferry. See you in Alaska.

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