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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

sniff sniff

Woke up last night, which isn't unusual, since my body is totally out of sync with time (and all bodily functions unfortunately go along with this mismatch), only this time my throat felt like sandpaper. And this morning, while I barely felt like stepping out of bed, my nose felt like running. And it's still on full production speed. So no library today. Will stay inside sniffing. Have checked out the new Amsterdam public library yesterday and liked it. True, it's no Colehare, as they would say in Seattle, but within the Dutch functionalism it still is tastefully designed, spacious and has a certain luxurious appeal, with its roof terrace and restaurant at the top, overlooking Amsterdam. Wonder though how the average public library guest will appreciate the great sandwiches at 6,95 euro a piece. Let's hope they do, the restaurant is too good to be closed too soon. The library also has enough working space, some even enclosed. Will check those out the coming weeks, alternating with Hilversum, I guess. Will take a look at the 'Sound and vision' library there this week.
Anyway, it's good to stay in for a day, connecting with my home again. Since I packed all personal stuff into one closet and my attic, there is enough to unpack and restore. Have to do a few financial chores, but where exactly did I put all those files..?

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