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Sunday, July 8, 2007

glacier bay

Haven't thought about writing all day. When I woke up I was prepared for anything: I had only one call to fall back on, and a single confirmation number. But today everything just turned out marvelous. The taxi was waiting at 5.15 AM, at the airport a friendly women brought me to the right (empty) desk. Not being Marcel I did not panic and just waited. Plane was supposed to leave at six. At ten to six still no one. Then I became a little worried. But in the end a man came running and after noticing there was no assistance at all, said he was the pilot, took the heavy luggage of the only other customer and took us to a very small plane. Just the three of us.. It all just came together, which amazed me a little: think of it: after only one call, three different companies work together: there is a plane waiting, a pilot who has the name Keimsmeijer scribbled on a small piece of paper, a car waiting in Gustafson, taking me to my boat for the day, ready and waiting. All to make sure I set off to Glacier Bay before 7.30.. Love that. And a great day it was.

But I think the internet connection is lost, so more tomorrow.. If this will still get on, that is..

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