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Sunday, July 1, 2007

whining drunk writing

A littledrunk. red wine and no sleep last night. In Prince Rupert now. Don't feel like describing that/laughing one moment and melancholic whining the next/how did I get here? Let's whine a little! Up at six. Nice Asian taxi driver working second job to keep up to Vancouver standard. Did internet check in/ Finding: technology is put to use when it is available instead of when it is relevant. Arrived at the airport/people desperately trying to do an automated check in/I already did that so wanted to drop my bag quickly/big mistake/ had to stand in line for a counter handing out baggage tags/ So now we have three lines, 1. automated check in, where assistants help nervous people not able to print a boarding pass 2. counters for luggage designation, just as long as the check in lines we know so well. And 3. line to drop your bag (with assistance). But flight was nice/ 22 people in a propeller plane/ an automated baggage claim in Prince Rupert. 3 planes a day land here. You see your bag in the plane. But the computer does not work. One hour later it does. The bags arrive at the claim area in a truck (100 meters). They unlaod the truck. We claim our bags. We walk outside. Same truck there. We hand bags back to the man who load them in the truck again. I am Not kidding. We step into bus. Bus and truck move downtown/good service. But why the trouble and the delay, just to make use of technology? Stop whining. go to bed. Good wine. Nice sleep. Tired.

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