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Monday, February 26, 2007

and Bridget

This log is beginning to sound like a dinner conversation. Can't help it. Bear with me for another week, next Sunday I will finally arrive in Vancouver..
After cleaning out more personal stuff (now my whole animal skin collection has moved into a closet, for instance, and I am still copying CD's to my iPod), brother Rob joined for a cup of tea. Cosy. And after that diner with Bridget and her lover George. Sjors, for friends. Have only met him twice on short visits, so this was a measure if he's good enough for Bridget. Have known her since I was 12. She deserves a good relationship after some bad luck in that department. Sjors passed the test. They are still stroking eachother all the time. Like him. Discussed family relationships and the way Bridget and I have grown from neurotic teenagers in a tight group of friends, analyzing eachother constantly and fiercely (once the group even organized a sensitivity evening, because Tom van Lindert and I were joining a student group and therefore were judged as not giving the group enough attention) into dear friends who don't see eachother nearly enough. And had a great diner at Quinto.

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