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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

After walking into a new period of my life, I jumped on my bike and headed towards Toscanini, for diner with Dorothee and Nannet. Three fire signs together, as Nannet mused: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Yes, we like each other. Of course Dorothee arrived late, she doesn't seem able to leave her desk at Residence before nine o'clock. She will have to work even harder the next few months, because she promised she would harass me for copy, every week. And it's hard to disappoint someone like her, as her team at Residence will agree.
Two very important people for me. Met Nannet through Do, who sensed we might hit it off. And we did immediately. Doesn't feel like only two years at all. She's been one of the main factors in my decision to quit PPGH and go for the book. Great communication, so much energy.
So we were the last three seated, at one o'clock. They were one step away from just pushing us out of the door, I felt, so in the end Do took her car and Nannet and me biked towards our homes, laughing all the way. Yes, that was another great night. But am I tired. No inspiration to retell all the jokes. Bye.

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