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Saturday, February 10, 2007

'Die Ganze Gans' or something

The Kniesmeijer brothers do the Jackson brothers!
Was planning to do some work, but it doesn't amount to much as yet. Distracted by so many little jobs around the house. Had to do something about my bathroom floor. Nothing wrong with it, but it doesn't look the part when renting my house: ugly stain and too many uneven bits that look a bit worn. Bought fabric (the same kind being used for towels) and brought it to a sewing store. Next thursday, I will have a yellow rug laying on the floor, to keep renters' feet warm. And keep going through my closets. The pile of clothes I have written off is rising. Three bags from the cellar have gone straight into the Humanitas clothing bin. Wouldn't it be nice to see some lovely kid somewhere in the world wearing my old coat? They should start a website for it. People would collect much more clothing, I figure.

Tonight another farewell party: the swimming club is cooking a whole goose for me (Die Ganze Gans, pardon my German, I never get that right). Sort of a joke we had for years, since a German swimming competition we entered. It was a slogan for a restaurant there. And now, finally, we will eat 'die Ganze Gans'.

Will be fun. Yesterday was my brother's birthday. Went over there for dinner and games. Always good to be there, looking at my niece and nephew. We sang to his new Play Station singing competition, where the system judges every note and you get scores for each sentence you sing. Which, of course, I can never win, with my voice. Even Hans (the birthday brother) did better than me on "I want you back" by the Jackson Five. And he would not let me sing Tainted Love.

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