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Sunday, February 11, 2007

One dead goose

Was a very good night, over at Michiel's. He and Aan (yes, some people go by that name) cooked a Michelinstar-worth(y) meal. Crab and avocado, foie de canard with caramelized onions, pigeon on a bed of lentils and sweet potato and, of course, the goose.. Or two gooses, I should say. 'Die ganse gans mit stuffing und sauerkraut' and sweet potatocream. And for desert homemade chocolate and walnut icecream. Gorgeous. And filling.

Must leave more often. And of course I love being the centre of attention. Got a book about writing a book and we had a few laughs. About my book: 'Tom Kniesmeijer reaches high, but falls flat' or 'Tom Kniesmeijer suffocates in his own arrogant irrelevant pretention' and that sort of reviews we might just read in the newspapers next year. Aren't we Dutch always good in putting ourselves into perspective? Talked politics too. Poor Paul has been PvdA member all his life, but got no support from us. I must say I find it amazing that this party can choose the wrong tone of voice each and every election. So centered around power and who-has-what-position they are they don't know how to communicate with people. Shame.

And talked about a trait I find very irritating in gays. It's not an exclusive gay thing, but they tend to suffer from it more: passive aggression. It's about embracing the victim-role. Always claiming people do not take you seriously, but in the meantime not taking any action to be taken seriously. Wanting things to change, but not changing anything. And then sitting together, complaining and gossiping about the people who HAVE made a decision. Have encountered it a few times at the swimming club. You organize things and they had something else in mind. My standard reaction mostly is 'well, you organize it next time', but they never do. They just complain and whine. Would it be a question of too male to let it go and too female to take the initiative? Or would that be sexist? Will think about it some more.

Anyway, tiring as it may sound: another great evening. Tom's tip: leave and Everybody wants to spend time with you!

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anke said...

Well, who wants to spend time with whom?? Wasn't it you who organized our upcoming fare-well do?! I'd as much like to visit you in Vancouver to say 'hello'there instead of saying 'goodbye'here.