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Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Essent group says goodbye

Had four ex-colleagues for diner. The Essent group. We started working together in 2000 and made this Dutch energy company into a brand during the six years we worked for them. The best example of how advertising agencies should work: a tight group of people working on a project for more than a couple of months, listening to each other, really working together. Had great fun during this six years. So many stories on PPGH/JWT, the ups and downs, the shortlived creative director-ship of Jacqueline and Klaas, my clashes with Harry, but mostly, about the joy of working together. Only Miriam and Klaas are still working at what is now called UW/JWT. Luckily they have faith in the new directors. I have my doubts: they replaced one Harry with three new ones... And Daphne agreed: 'you wouldn't like U & W'. Decided I will give UW a chance. Business wise UW/JWT is a good decision. See what happens next.
Daphne herself has decided to move to BvH. In her hometown Rotterdam. She mentioned they are even nicer there than at FHV. Must be hard for Daphne, our straight-as-a-doornail hardcore cynical tough cookie. Will hear her high pitched cynical laughter in my mind. Jacq is entering another adventure after all the hilarious happenings at FCB. She is joining Red Pepper, to erase all the damage the last creative director has done there. Good choice. She can make things work.

Had a delicious diner. Marcel had worked himself into a sweat on pumpkin-coconut soup, caramelized pears with blue cheese and walnuts and lamb rack. Not to mention the coconut-lemon grass icecream. God, to leave and miss out on this kind of heaven.. Wait, is he trying to make me feel sorry for leaving..??


anke said...

Tom, pas op.Je glijdt op je blog ietwat af door je gedachten over "oude" en "nieuwe" mensen bij JWT, te delen met "de wereld". Moet je niet doen; siert je niet.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tom, had a fab time.
Dinner was delicious (many compliments to Marcel), talk was entertaining (about important and less important stuff) and the people around the table are all one of a kind.

And what a good writer you are!! Convenient regarding your future book. Kidding...

Have fun in Vancouver. I for sure will read your weblog frequently!

X Daphne