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Thursday, February 8, 2007

Back in Amsterdam

Back in Amsterdam. Busy days again. Selling stuff from the cellar (I sold that cellar to my neighbour) and doing my 'farewell tour'. One would think I was leaving for good.
Drinks with Tirzah Laan from the agency Nieuw ( Small agency, great people. Talked about the business of advertising and creativity. She asked for my plans, but still no idea. Will work that out in Vancouver. My own company is still the best bet.
And talked to Hanny Kusters from Spirare ( Met her through Marinus Knoope, the inventor of the creation spiral. More and more activities are being planned and she wants me to be involved. Would be great. I can sense a lot of innovation potential being born there. And I want to be part of that. Almost a pity that I will be away for 6 months or so: she was talking about a documentary being filmed and I immediately had twenty ideas for the content. But today I also booked my ticket, so that is done: sunday March 4 I am flying to Vancouver. Booked a hotel for three nights, so I can go and look for the appartment where I will really feel at home.
But that is after the big presentation I promised to do at FHV BBDO. Sort of the management summary of my book, in powerpoint. Fun to do but a lot of preparation: finding the images that really fit the generations and the zeitgeist between '63 and '07 take more time than I thought.
And thinking about the three suggestions I will leave Willem van der Schoot, the MD of FHV with. Among other things. But now off to bed, to sleep off the jetlag. Have let Karl Hormann down this evening. He's an ex-client of mine, who I still see. He offered me a ticket to Amy Winehouse ( Nice. Gladly accepted the ticket and the invitation to drinks, after Tirzah (one just moves from cafe to cafe). But now it turns out she only starts at 01.00 hours. UhUh, not me, not tonight. So sorry. Too tired. Cough (hope that man next to me in the plane from Shanghai who had an irritating cough didn't visit a chicken farm). So homebound I was, bedbound I am. Good night.

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anke said...

I would love to have a copy of the fhv presentation (afterwards) so that at least I know a little bit more what the book will be about...