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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

festive in Loetje

Diner with Anke, the ex-colleague that closely reads my log, as you can see in the comments on my pages, and Clary and Doortje, also once colleagues at FHV BBDO.

Had great fun, Anke being her inquisitive normal self, Doortje always very modest (but she has started her own company in colour advice: hire her!: (her site will go live soon).

Anke had a small token with her: a small notice book I gave her when she was turning 50. Seems I also gave one when she turned 40.. She wondered about the projection value of those gifts and gave me some quotes about writing. Nietsche never wanted to read a book by an author that really wanted to write a book, only by someone to whom the book just happened (correct, Anke?).

Clary always likes to listen, but as we talked about my book, she warmed up and told us about her Greco period, beginning of the sixties. Very existentialist, very black stockings. Love to hear that kind of stories. Her sister even was interviewed on television and spoke such existentialist lines that Clary still doesn't get them, and, as she laughingly added, probably neither did her sister at the time.

As desert we got creme brulee, of which mine was made festive by 'Loetje aan de Amstel'. See pic. The woman serving us was intrigued by me leaving, we talked some more about it when after diner Clary and Doortje left and Anke and me ordered some whiskey at the bar (we tried for Canadian, but settled for Scottish). Talked about self fullfilling prophecies: Anke doesn't believe much in spiritual advice, saying you just make the advice become reality yourself. I admitting that may be the case, but stressing the outcome: something you wanted..! I remain a practical believer in anything that can help me get further in life.

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it indeed seems you were wired!