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Sunday, February 18, 2007

From Blaauw to Peters Pancakes.

Saturday afternoon and evening were in honor of Louis' birthday. That's in november, actually, but since he wanted 'a good cleaning of his attic' as a present, we went over there and cleaned it out. Loads of old rubbish and dust. Lots of stairs. Lots of grumps and laughs when we tried to throw things away behind Louis back, and he found out. But after a few hours work we drove to Ron Blaauw, a 2-star restaurant in Ouderkerk. Had a more than great diner (what can you expect with 2 stars..), be it with some politically incorrect surprises (frogs leg and foie gras). I closed my eyes as a true hypocrite and enjoyed them anyway. Will not eat meat for a week to repent, I promise.. Please forgive me, always Politically Correct-friends! All the tastes (and we got 10) were superb. Very good. My palates were truly saturated when I dived into bed.

And tonight we had diner for Greetje, my fathers girlfriend of more than a year now. She's turning seventy and invited her two daughters with husbands and children and my brothers and me with all partners to Peper's pancakes in Bloemendaal. We have only two children between the four brothers, so we're cheap in that department..
Was fun seeing the daughters again (doesn't happen often). One of them even was in Shanghai a few weeks ago. We talked some and I ate onion soup and a pancake. Totally different style and taste than saturday, but also good. Love pancakes. We gave Greetje a beach bag with blanket and sunscreen and a book on the Algarve, because my dad is taking her there. Yes. My dad. Who. Does. Not. Like. To. Travel. Flying to Algarve. Has been years. But it shows that a new relationship does him good. He drives up to her house in Haarlem every Thursday and returns home on Monday, for his weekly program of bowling and check ups. And because his own house has memories too, of course. You can enjoy the new without forgetting the past; hope they will keep it up for a few years yet!

All weekend my flu symptoms are up and down, but never breaking through my barriers. Keep it that way.


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