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Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Last working day at FHV BBDO (, you can see a lot of my text there, comments are not required). A few last projects to finish, and letting everyone know the interim is going, after half a year. We had great fun and there are deliverables. I am satisfied. Last talk with Willem. Gave him my thoughts on the three 'pressing points' he asked me for. Will not share those details with you.. Had a good discussion. Don't know if he agreed on all three, he's got enough ideas of his own to take the agency a good step further. I can only highlight some points I fear might end up overlooked otherwise.
In the afternoon, the saying goodbyes.. Ordered the best cake in town, at 'de Taart van mijn Tante' (my auntie's cake). Carrot cake and poppyseed cake, among others. VERY GOOD, SIEMON! For a leaving joke I took an old bear from the attic and made him into the FHV BBDO 'aanjaagbeer'. Had great fun recording 'urge-them-on' messages after last night's dinner; every half minute the bear will speak sentences like: 'we don't want more words, we want action' or 'just carry on, I know you can do it..!' And after about fifty, the whole set will repeat itself endlessly. Because we had so many discussions the last few months that need to be translated into action. That's what you get if you only have half a year.. Well, it's my kind of a joke. What did Bette Midler say..? FXXX Them If They Can't Take A Joke? But the feeling is right. The agency has an optimistic vibe around it. And they deserve it, with so many talent running through the building. Feels strange to leave, but had to be honest: it's time to leave for Canada, a year after the decision was made. And so it happens that I started my workless freedom, at 7.30 PM on wednesday february 28.

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