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Saturday, February 3, 2007

bliss for a day

Day of bliss. One day in Shanghai. Me on my own. Heavy breakfast and into a cab, to go treasure hunting: galeries and presents. First stop was Shanghai Art And Design Centre, Taikang Rd. Difficult to find, but after two rounds around the block I found the entrance. At first it looked disappointing (a lot of shops closed, but that's what you get for starting early), shawls and rugs everywhere, but well, I already had two. But after a few corners some great stores showed up. Bought two JIP items, because "the power to dress and say who you are, really are!' attracted me. Just kidding. The slogans were a bit tacky 'say someone or something is JIP, and you mean they're different, go their own way and stand out from the crowd'. But after a quick think about the Chinese culture, I found myself admiring the inventive soul that introduced this steel jewellery to Shanghai. Hope it's not only design gays from Europe that buy them. Then off to the Shanghai Museum Store. Marcel and I often share a private joke of not really visiting a museum but heading straight for the store. I did it again. But the sound of the Shanghai Antique & Curio Store nearby attracted me more, so before deciding to quickly on some nice museum items, I walked there. Good choice. Laughing Chinese al around, and heapes of antique and new items. Bought several small jade pieces. Must come back for this store alone. As I walked out after a few minutes a panting Chinese man came running after me. He kept shouting in Chinese, but of course not making sense to me. For a moment I thought I had taken some state relics, seeing a policeman waving for me. But he just handed me my bottle of applejuice in a plastic bag. Such friendliness..
Well have to leave now, so will tell you about the most happiness-inducing moments of the afternoon later. God, I could live like this, wandering around cities and looking at beautiful things. I once read an article about people who are extremely sensitive. They extremely react to colors and beauty. If that is the case, I am a high sensitive person. I could look at some paintings for a day, so much beauty they radiate. Forgive the sensitive remarks, though. It is partly the jetlag!

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