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Thursday, March 1, 2007

massage (and lunch, of course..)

How does one spend the first day of freedom, of having nothing to do?

Philosophical question. One spends it running after housing agencies. One arrived at ten o'clock and looked the business. Calm, immediately on his mobile. You would expect him to find a renter within an hour. That didn't happen, but we remain faithful.

Lunch with Barbara and Eveline, former colleagues. Barbara is still at UW/JWT, Eveline is doing interim projects. Won't tell you about our discussion. Mostly about past, present and future of PPGH/UW/JWT. Love these lunches. We should have done that more when we were colleagues. Who knows what we could have pulled off.

After that some work on tax papers. Oh yes, one spends his first day of freedom frantically searching for bank receipts and tax reduction possibilities.

But at 5.30 pm I drove up to Korrie's holistic massage studio, for a last calming and uplifting massage.

There is a whole story around that I will tell later, but suffice it to say that after an hour of Korrie my hand fell off the table because I fell into a blissfull vision of heaven.

And we kept on joking about my lack of unhappiness. She hasn't been able to find any physical barriers in my body the last few years, only some strained muscles from swimming. But her massages make me so relaxed I can cope with anything.

So I left her studio with the official Korrie-stamp for wellbeing. On to a few hours of cleaning out closets. No dinner tonight. That's a form of freedom, isn't it?

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