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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Think it's going to rain today

Why do people make lists? I do, because I’ve always done. Once a ‘preacher’ always a preacher. I want to speak out about things I love. For obvious reasons, I’ve scanned my iTunes for songs about Rain. I’ve got over 25. Does that say something about me, or do people sing a lot about rain? Since we’re not in Georgia here, it’s not November and the rain’s not Purple either, a few songs were easy to eliminate. I’ve always had a secret love for the music of Demis Roussos, so I was tempted to include Rain and Tears. Since I have not cried yet, we can maybe keep that love secret a little longer. And since camp is out, no Dolly Dots too. AND DO NOT MENTION It's Raining Men. It's not and I am prepared to shoot any DJ that still dares spin it.
So here comes:
1. I Think It’s Going To Rain Today- Dusty Springfield. Her longing, her insecurities, her pain of not really being understood, she can bring it all into a song. And she should have been much more successful in Holland. Probably the only lesbian singer that attracts more men than women (because she only came out in her last few years..?)
2. Here Comes The Rain Again- Eurythmics. This one’s in my top10 of best songs ever. The beat just hammers on while Annie Lennox's melancholy hangs over it. Just like life. Like longing on a speeding train.
3. A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall- Brian Ferry. Working on Bob Dylan, this song should be in, and since I don’t have Bob’s version and I like Brian Ferry better anyway..
4. It’s Raining Today- Scott Walker. God, the voice of that man! Ever since hearing ‘No Regrets’ on the radio as a teenager, I’ve been a fan. Dark, sensual, crooning. Have collected most of his work through the years. It has become rather extreme since the eighties, just to warn you. But for rainy days any Walker Brothers song is soothing your soul.
5. When The Rain Falls - Suede. One of my favorite groups. Own everything they recorded. Never really successful in Holland, though. Think the Dutch find his voice too dramatic. I love it.
6. Rain - Terence Trent D’Arby. Another favorite singer that never got the success he deserves for albums like Symphony Or Damn and Vibrator (though with that last title..). Actually his ‘Holding On To You’ might be in my top10 songs ever too.
7. Tinseltown In The Rain - The Blue Nile. Of course, this is no Tinseltown, but did you know they make a lot of movies and series here? Vancouver seems to be able to look like New York, San Francisco and almost any other American city, so they move here for the beautiful light. If it’s not raining, that is. Great song anyway.
8. Rainy Days And Mondays - Carpenters. Because you weren’t supposed to like them in my youth. And I did. Back then, you kept that a secret, now I’m Out and Proud. I LOVE the Carpenters and I am NOT ashamed to admit it! (and they are Canadian too..!)
9. Save My Love For A Rainy Day - The Undisputed Truth. A bid of a sad group, because Norman Whitfield used them to try out songs he later would give to the Temptations. Always regarded second best, they have made great albums full of psychedelic soul and fantastic harmonies. When I discovered the album ‘Face To Face With The Truth’ I was mesmerized. Still play that one often. ‘You Make Your Own Heaven And Hell Right Here On Earth’, for instance. Take that to heart!
10. Walking In The Rain (With The One I Love) - The Love Unlimited Orchestra. Song for Marcel, who’s coming in two weeks time.

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