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Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Dylan Virus Has Got Me

Well, that's another lesson one learns: never log onto the net using an insecure connection. Have done exactly that and I think a virus took over my internet connection. Spybot could kill most files, I think, but the connection is lost. So here I am, after walking in the rain for a while, in another internet cafe. Unfortunately the shop that got me wireless in the first place, is one of the few shops that are closed Sundays.
Have had so much fun reading about Bob Dylan. Never have been a big fan of his, with some exceptions (like Time Out Of Mind and Desire), now I know why. Another example of 'if you've got the theory, everything fits'. Dylan was the typical seeker, always looking for things he never could find. And he had a very complex relation with the public and the spirit of the times: never doing what was expected. And after his writing of what only can be described as the opening tune for the exploration period of the second half of the 60's (The Times They Are A-Changin'), he did exactly the opposite of what his fanbase wanted (more opiniated statements) and started writing lovesongs. But at two times in his career he found new relevancy within the spirit of the times: with Blood On The Tracks in 1975 and with Time Out Of Mind in 1997. Both albums were written during the same timeframe of insecurity, overload and clashing personal goals. Both albums are about selfdoubt and pessimism. Interesting coincidence. Dylan obviously had a character that fitted and a fine nose for the basic mood of these periods in history and the public recognized this. Will write more about it and probably post it.

Beginning to wonder whether I should restrict my examples of changing timeframes to popular music. So much fun to read about it. Now into Elvis Presley and have ordered a book on the Beatles at the public library (actually BUYING a book on the Beatles is still a bridge too far for me). Have found relevant connections between their success/downfall and the spirit of the times. Can't wait untill I can start on The Sweet and Disco.
We'll see.

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