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Sunday, March 4, 2007

finally vancouver

And then, finally, Vancouver. What can I say? It already feels so normal, like I’m returning home or something. Isn’t that strange? After a goodbye to Marcel and family, I boarded and ten hours later I just stepped out of the airport into a taxi, had a discussion about hockey with the Pakistani who drove me to my hotel, said hello to the manager and then, suddenly, I am unpacking for my first night in Vancouver. I immediately made the room into my own private mess (searching for an adapter). And then I walked out into the streets and strolled down Broughton Street towards Nelson and Davie. One would expect exhilaration and a sense of freedom, but after ten hours on a plane, walking in the middle of the night (though around me everyone was on their way to diner), you just feel numb enough to ‘go with the flow’, without much thinking and feeling. Bought some fruit, vitamins and shaving cream and drank a cup of tea in a café where everyone around me was on wireless internet. Must find out if my old laptop can adapt to wireless.. Otherwise I’m afraid I will have to buy a new one to keep up with the Vancouver Joneses..
Anyway: content and sleepy in Vancouver. It has to sink in, the feeling of really being here, but I feel good. I Am Here. Lovely bed.

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