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Friday, March 23, 2007

More rain, more pain, more gain

Twice the Beatles. Left without succes, right on the verge of mania. Sometimes success is a conscious choice..

Rain is drizzling all day, just like yesterday (and probably tomorrow too). Beginning to understand what they mean with 'it might rain more than you'll be accustomed to.." Even for someone from Amsterdam, this is extreme. But never mind, don't want to go out anyway (though I must pick up a package at FedEx, because they don't know how to enter my building and I couldn't tell them either.. electronic buzzcodes, what do I know, nobody told me! I could come downstairs? No we already left..). Pain in my shoulder, that's what you get from too much fly during swimming.
But the rain gave me a lot of gain too. A first draft of a piece on the Beatles. While my iPod is pounding out Madonna, Tindersticks and Vicky Sue Robinson, to name a few (shamefully I must admit that I haven't got a single Beatlesong on my iPod and iTunes doesn't stock them..), I have been writing on the Beatles' remarkable image turnaround at the beginning of the sixties. Would they have succeeded without that? Probably. Would it have taken them longer and with less success? Probably. A fine example of my theory that every timeframe has its' own success factors. Without much further ado, ladies and gentlemen, I give you... The Beatles. In Dutch. Ha!

I'll copy it into it's own entry, so those not interested or not into Dutch can just move on..

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