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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The appartment of my dreams

Have an appartment. Took a little while to get to decision point, because it was more expensive than the limit I had set for myself. Wanted it, but worked up a little nervous sweat: do-don't-do-don't. Called Marcel to discuss and as expected he just said I should take it if I really want it. That was what I wanted to hear.. The appartment felt right when entering. And as I've learned in 20 years of advertising: 10% over budget is always acceptable.
The appartment is exactly what you would expect in a trendy neighbourhood like Yaletown. For the believers in the more spiritual: 8 years ago Marcel and I walked this street and neighbourhood when I found myself thinking 'gee, would like to rent an appartment here somewhere, someday'. Wasn't thinking of writing a book then, just felt at home. And now it will be my home for the next few months. Small, but high tech high touch interior. Just feels so much better than the alternative (the big space decorated by a blind man). And this one is cost effective as well: there already is a stereo system (saves me the money on a iPod box) and it has it's own laundry facility which will save me at least five dollars a week.. Come to think of it: I couldn't have done better..! Ha!
Something strange with my entries.. They disappear into a general 'march' section, and aren't displayed when entering the blog.. Hope this one will appear.


hans said...

So you've scored an appartement huh? I can't wait for the pictures.
How many rooms does it have?

Anonymous said...

Congratiolations with finding your appartment.
Hope you feel at home.