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Saturday, March 10, 2007

pragmatiek in techniek

Because I still haven't figured out how to put long text on a site and link to it from my log, I have taken to a pragmatic solution: a short story on Motown is now available on this log, be it in Dutch. And, if interested, you will have to search for it. That's one of those funny incidences that mark my blogging: for reasons only the internet gods will know, the text is dated march 8. Just as well, it is a piece of history anyway.
In the mean time I have been thinking (that's what one does if one can't babble all day) about an interesting finding: I am here now for almost a week. I like it. But it doesn't feel strange at all. I am just here. Walking the streets. Writing (though not yet as much as I would like to). Eating. Sleeping (a little). Spending too much (but the CD's are dead cheap, how can one resist the Mika album for $ 9.95..!) Do I have to force myself to feel elated? Free? Or is this subdued contentment I feel much better? Haven't figured that one out. We'll see, the coming weeks. Perhaps I should dive into the local scene even more, leave Downtown for a few hours and explore greater Vancouver. But for the coming days I'll stick to being content in Downtown Yaletown.

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Nannet said...

Dear Tom,
Send an email last week with no reply. Was forwarding the same mail with news from 'the wheel that puts things in motion' as you named me by giving me that beautiful gift when we shared a last meal in Amsterdam before departure to Vancouver. Then suddenly I realised I had to get myself together and be realistic. "Tom is blogging, stupid. That is the way to communicate damm you" said Nannet to herself. So I am copying what I intended to send by mail and will be part of this age now communicating through this invention of this time. Oh how modern I am. And that at a moment in which I'd rather go back to the Victorian times or to Friesland in the 18th century. But then what can one do in these times. Anything. And one can be layered as one is anyway and feel that, show that, share that. So I do. Love you and will keep in contact. Love your apartement. And feel I'm being there a little bit, making a salad and strolling through the streets with you. And yes I believe in what you believe when 8 years ago you and Marcel walked through the street you now live in.

PS can't get the email text in here. Will sort that out later.