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Sunday, March 25, 2007

pride the movie and some eclectic Dutch cultural icons

Yesterday I went to see a new movie: Pride. A story about a group of underdogs (black inner-city teens in Philadelphia) moulded into a swimming team by the guy that was, in 1964. driven out of a swimming pool because no white boy would swim against him. Almost impossible to envision so much racial tension, but it reminded me of the closed nature of society in the beginning of the sixties. Not that the team had it much easier in 1974, when this movie plays. But they got through in the end, winning a prize in a local swim meet. The whole story is based on the actual, real coach. Based on truth, so to speak. Must be a great guy. And he's still coaching! May be I should interview him about the changes in the spirit of the times.
Nothing missed if you don't see the movie, but it brought enough sentimental moments to keep me occupied, and the music was great. O'Jays and other 1974 music. My youth.. Only I stopped swimming then, because puberty descended on me and the thought of doing my lanes four times a week suddenly didn't sound appealing anymore.

Bought around ten books of Marktplaats, the Dutch Ebay, to find out more about Dutch culture between 1960 and now. So now I can look out for books about Popculture, Willeke van Ammelrooij, Pim Fortuyn, Rob De Nijs, Malle Pietje, Dries van Agt and other political figures. What fun this is! And what fun Marcel will have bringing all those books with him! Strange there was still no biography of Boudewijn de Groot available..

And Vancouver has decided, probably after my songs about rain I published yesterday, to stop the rain. We even had a little bit of sun shining through the clouds today. MyMyMy. I walked around town a little and looked at a possible new appartment (to end the near constant electrical humming I now experience every night). There was still no kitchen in there and no bathroom, but the lovely lady that showed it to me promised me it would be ready by april first. Don't know if it'll be my taste though, looking at the only piece of furniture that was available now: a lamp. We'll see.. It had a nice balcony with mountain view, and that's very nice...

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rob said...

Het is mooi te lezen dat je allerlei gedachten hebt over de Beatles, Motown en allerlei andere zaken. Mijn vraag is: heb je al een paar aardige mensen ontmoet of mijd je die op je dagelijkse tocht naar de biblotheek? Valt het een beetje mee in je eentje? Is er wat meer te zien in Vancouver dan boeken?