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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

yuppiedom in Yaletown

Have a few moments before the taxi will bring me and my overweight bags to Yaletown. Like Carol (the woman 'of Dutch origins' that made lovely french toast this morning) was saying: 'ah, another one that leaves our Westend for yuppiedom. According to her I would see tight young women browsing the street with a child in a designer buggy in one hand and a pedigree dog in the other, all the while clinging to a Starbucks coffee in the process.
What delight.
Feel like having my own place now. There is no desk in my room in this otherwise great B&B and I already have a shoulder muscle playing up from typing in strange positions. Or is it the lack of swimtraining? These days it's hard to figure out: I get musclestrains from training, but also from not-training. Korrie, where are you when one needs you..?


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