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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

And then there was Apple

Well, here I am in the Macstore in Vancouver, which luckily is just around the corner of my appartment. Am buying a Mac, to get rid of all problems at once. Because after over 100 dollars of repairing cost there still is a virus on my pc. I had only one condition, I would only buy when they would be able to transfer all my iPod music unto the new computer. And right now it's copying all 6612 songs. Will take a while, but hey, it will be worth it. The other laptop was 5 years old anyway, a very senior age in computerland.
So after all I will be an Apple guy once again. Left them 10 years ago. Hope this new one will be a good welcome back Tom Macbook. Had to be a black one, of course because one of the main reasons for me resisting Apples and iPods was the militaristic insistence of the Apple on the color white. Can understand them liking the color and loving the consistency, but I HATE white as a color. Why not orange? Any way I've gotten myself a black iPod (though they delivered that with white earplugs...!!) and now I have a black notebook. Maybe in a few years time they will have orange. Saw some Nanos in nice colours, so there is hope.
Nice guy helping me out, from Taiwan. That's what they do very well at Apple, hire those hip guys with love for their products.
We'll see if my writing will get better with this creative company's machinery behind me.

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