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Monday, March 5, 2007

Polygoon item on wireless blindfolds

First night was a short one. Vie told me we sleep in cycles of 1,5 hours. Thay may just be correct. After listening to some soothing Temptations music, I fell asleep around ten. When I woke, I just had the feeling I was completely rested. Thought it would be around 7 AM. One look at the clock brought the jetlag reality back: 1.15 AM. Took a sleeping pill and slept for exactly 3 hours more.

What does one do in Vancouver at 4.30? Watch a summary of all Polygoon newsitems between 1965 and 1970, of course. What else would you expect? Study material for the book. At 7.30 I decided it was late enough to take a stroll around town. Drizzle. Luckily I was prepared: brought enough water resistant clothes with me. Hey, coming from Amsterdam, rain is making you feel right at home..
Have looked at three potential suites. One was just plain gorgeous. Just the kind of flat I like, with even a lap pool of 25 meters in the building. Just one tiny thing missing: curtains. Just basic luxaflex. And no seperate bedroom. That would leave me with wearing a blindfold at night for the next few months.. The second place was a great building. And big. But decorated by a blind man. Cheap and ugly. Still thinking about that one, though, with a few throwover rugs I must be able to hide at least the couch. The third one was terrible. More hunting tomorrow. Will decide tomorrow afternoon. And another thing: I have entered the wireless age. Found a small store that installed wireless in a few hours time. Now sitting between ten other bloggers. How cosy.

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