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Thursday, March 22, 2007

pop art and swim hard

Pics: the first Pop Art painting: Richard Hamilton's "Just What is it that Makes Today's Homes so Different, so Appealing?" (1956) and to the right Andy Warhol's Campbell Soup.

Into Pop Art now. A very specific art style for the beginning of the sixties. A critic wrote about Pop Artists in 1965: 'in the commonplace of everyday existence their own raison d'etre is that they hope to make ordinary banalities take on a new, mysterious, totemic accepting them completely and relentlessly'.
If I were a can of soup, I would break down and cry now. It, of course, fits the spirit of the times of those days: the normal is good enough for art. Art should be democratic and immediately acceptable for everyone. And Pop Art took the world by storm in 1962, because it borrowed heavily from everyday media like cartoons, TV and especially advertising, iconic images like those of Marilyn Monroe or Elisabeth Taylor were used as inspiration for art.

Less democratic and more difficult to accept (this is for you AnneMarie, don't start drooling when you read this) was the swimming training this evening. The main course consisted out of 4 times 150 meters. The first starting with 25 meters fly sprint, the second 75 meters fly sprint, the third 125 meters fly and the last the full 150 meters fly. Sprint. And then, after some restful backstroke, the whole set once again. You were permitted to use fins on your feet, and of course I don't have those. But, listen carefully now: I got a compliment from the coach because I wasn't complaining (just ducking..). Did not have words for it. The horror. The horror. I want Cor!

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