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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Always have an Apple waiting for you, for upcoming thirst?

Waiting for my laptop being brought back from it's zombie state. Thought it would be ready after two days, getting impatient (should I buy an Apple after all, to get rid of those virusses attacking my work in progress..?). It always feels awkward, leaving your laptop in the hands of strangers, hoping they won't destroy all information (oh NO, NOT MY iTunes!!) and the small parts of the book I've written untill now. Especially when they just now mentioned my password did not work (it did when I typed it) and they couldn't phone me ("ah, is that an eight..!?"). Could just swallow the offer to buy him glasses. But no worries, there is always this internet cafe and a nice cup of coffee in the BLENDZ around the corner (best coffee so far and so much better than the American sweet tasteless skimmed-milk variant they call coffee at Starbucks).
Have had a few cosy hours in the public library yesterday, picking up books on The Beatles and, far more interesting as a subject, David Bowie, along with the book that sparked the theory behind my book: Opening and Closing by sociologist Orrin Klapp (no website). Will write some on this theory soon since this will be the opening part of the book. Let's suffice to mention for now he's created a circle through which the spirit of the times flow, from opening to closing and back. Where we are now in Dutch culture must be easy to answer. There are four choices: good opening (exploration), bad opening (overload), bad closing (banality) and good closing (redundance). Make your choice and send your answers. Will reward the best guess.


anke said...

am always keen on rewards, so you triggered me totally (whatever happened to the reward you once promised in NZ or Aus for guessing the meaning of certain words you picked up??).
I guess the best guess is something with "bad", knowing you you guess (yes guess, because there is no truth in this) it is "bad closing".
So far for the guesses.
The reason I do leave a comment though is that I have a tip for your copy. Every day when you close your writing send the stuff of that day to a hotmail address you specially open for this. So whenever the worst get to the worst you have a kind of back-up. I do this with the thesis I am writing.
By the way: did you know that Starbucks is one of the very few coffeeco's that only use fair trade coffeebeans?

Anonymous said...

Medicijn tegen computerstress:

Training maandag 12-03-2007

100 m BC + 50 m RC.
100 m EK + 50 m SS.
100 m EK + 50 m VL.
Steeds 10 sec rust.

5 x ( 100 m BC op 80% 10 sec rust 50 m AS op 100% ).
Tussen de setjes 30 sec rust.

200 m BC telgang.
200 m AS per 25 m wisselen van armen en benen. Geen pauze en een zo hoog mogelijk tempo.

100 m rustig doorzwemmen.

5 x ( 100 m AS op 80% 10 sec rust 50 m BC op 100% ).

Estafettes (maar jij mag al gaan uitzwemmen, want je bent nu vast moe)

= = =
met dank aan Cor,

Tom Kniesmeijer said...

thanks Anke, the answer regretfully is not correct! Will get back to this. Have put most files unto a little carrier, but my computer just doesn't feel safe anymore to work on. Before you know it, all my personal files (not the book, but the credit card information and all that) will be all over the net. So off to Apple it is. And thanks AM for the training stuff. Unfortunately I missed out on a training yesterday waiting for the guys at the computer store to finish deleting virusses. They said they deleted most of them, but not enough: there is still some virus left on my laptop.