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Monday, March 19, 2007

The Fool and The Hero

A few hours in the Vancouver Public Library today, to get the feel of studying. Done half of Orrin E Klapp's book on Opening And Closing. His advice: to get a feel for the spirit of the times, look at who the heroes and the villains are. A society swinging between two timeframes is ambigious about its heroes and a hero can be named an innovator as well as a rebel by the media. But when a new timeframe is at a peak, the hero is clearly depicted: during opening the hero is an innovator (an 'opener'), during closing the hero is a conservative (a 'closer'). Sounds easy, try it for yourself.. Who are our heroes nowadays? Or the other way around: who are the villains?

Have found some nice links to Dutch culture through The Beatles Biography, in which the Dutch Design Group The Fool was mentioned. Anyone out there in the know about them? Couldn't find much of a biography. Simon Posthuma and Marijke Koger (see her photo above) illustrated many famous album covers in the 60's and they also made the large mural on the Apple Store in London in 1966 that, unfortunately, had to be removed soon afterwards because the neighbourhood complained too much. And they made clothes and sang. One album was a success in the States and Seemon and Maryke also had a hit in Holland I remember liking as a kid: I Saw You. Maryke lives in LA now. Have send her a mail to ask if I can ask some questions.
And Anke sent me some stuff on Jaap Fischer, Dutch 'Bob Dylan Light'. Will dive into that..

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