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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

busy days, not always spent on writing

Busy days. Yesterday at the library, felt like an office day, after the fifth phonecall. Luckily I had a separate room there. Semi-legal, it seems, but no one asks me to leave.. Will not take long though, since more and more things are being regulated in the new library. Shame, the atmosphere of 'just feel free to sit everywhere and use everything' is fading. Tried to finish the first chapter with all new knowledge I got from the book by James Kennedy. Mailed him on Sunday, and to my surprise he already answered yesterday. He's very busy right now, but he is willing to meet me in a few weeks. Sounds good to me. Hope I can ask some questions to sharpen the Tom Kniesmeijer-theory on life..

Today was spent in a hospital, driving a friend who needed surgery. Even after she was totally drugged to sleep, and operated, she could leave the hospital after waking up, not even four hours later. That's the realism of the modern health system.


Aadiahh said...

Heb laatst nog genoten van Een vrouw als Eva.
Was veel beter dan ik me herinnerde en gaf een heel goed beeld van de vrouwenbeweging en hoe het daar toe ging.
Elke vrouw was lesbisch
behalve zij die het nog niet wist.
Dolle tijden!

Tom Kniesmeijer said...

Ja, het waren leuke, maar ook vreemde tijden.. Heb je nog gelezen hoe die vrouwenbeweging de filmcrew behandelde..? Een paar logs geleden.. Dat was even meer dan dol, meer doldwaas..