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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Small present

Yesterday I finally gave myself the present I promised myself after selling my PPGH-shares: a new bed. Friday afternoon we (Louis, Jan, two friends working at KPMG, and me) visited a Hästens showroom. "Over my dead body will there ever be a Hästens in my bedroom, with that ugly blue design", I had said, but since Louis had heard there were other designs available and he knew some important people there, who "would kill him" if he didn't at least try a few beds, we spent 4 hours laying on several beds and listening to the perfect salesman working there. Got a new concept too: when talking to clients, lay down on a Hästens and show your Powerpoint on the roof. Jan and I were talking dreams and aspirations within ten minutes. Laying on a comfortable bed really gets inspiration flowing, even between strangers. Unfortunately we were torn from our time in heaven by another salesman, who jumped in on our conversation. Interesting how the one can slowly persuade you into a too expensive bed, while the other, trying to push you to a decision, really pushes you out of the door..

So the next day we went to Bröring in Amsterdam. Very nice people, good information, great bed: my new bed will be a Carpe Diem. Interestingly enough: it was the first brand I tried and I haven't found a better one over the few months of trying out different brands. I loved the looks and feel of the Carpe Diem I must say, even though there is no horsehair in the bed. That feeling saved a lot of money too. And they've got them in black! Sold.

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