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Friday, September 21, 2007

selling the spiral

Lunches with ex-colleagues. Yesterday Eveline Posma and I started at half past twelve, were wondering whether to ask for the check at three and left the restaurant finally at 17.30. Talked about the changes in our lives, after we both left advertising agency PPGH JWT, and about the creation spiral, our respective forces (me, mostly in first and third part, Eveline in second and third, for those interested). More interesting is the growth in popularity of the creation spiral around me. A former colleague at FHV BBDO bought the book after I recommended it and loved it, and this week, Dia, one of the swimmers at my club (and also writing a book, be it a novel.., read her blog at, mentioned famous singer Mathilde Santing uses the creation spiral in her work. Strange how the thinking is spreading, without broad interest from the press.

We will have a discussion about the positioning and publicity around the spiral at the board meeting of the creation spiral collective, beginning of October.

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