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Thursday, September 6, 2007

from past to future

Into extremes yesterday. First some melancholy thoughts about the passing of time, remembering my mother who died exactly 5 years ago, and visiting my father in Amstelveen. Going back to my roots and enjoying the memories.
And then ending the day talking about the future with Jenny Elissen in Ouderkerk. ( She shares offices with two old colleagues of mine who started a very interesting and succesful innovation company named Bloei. They are the ones inventing the new Heineken Beer Charli (
How refreshing Jenny is, talking about her own choices after leaving the agency where she was CEO and her ideas about company needs, the barriers in innovation and the failure of company culture programs. Very inspiring, discussing our respective weaknesses and strenghts. Getting more and more insight into the road my career will take the coming years. But first, the book. Have been neglecting it a little, busy having meetings and talking to people, thinking about the Tom Kniesmeijer of the future.
Ah well, since failure is not an option, the book will grow into reality.

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